Under the guise of a Mother's Day BBQ, Randy organized family and friends to be at Heather's grandmother's house.  After people had eaten and settled into conversation, Randy brought Heather into the kitchen announced he had something to say and, in front of everyone, VERY nervously, dropped to one knee and said, "Heather, I Love You.  You are the love of my life, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and want you to be the mother of my children... Will you marry me?" 

And she said, "Yes, ABSOLUTELY!!!"

Randy was so nervous, he was shaking and she thought it was adorable and melted her heart.  Afterward, her future MOH gave a brief speech (in which she congratulated them, wished them a long and healthy life together with lots of babies!) and everyone toasted with champagne.  Heather cried, especially when her parents gave them a card that said, "Heather & Randy" on the front with his last name (and he admits he teared up a bit when she did).