Thursday, July 28, 2011

Karaoke Song Requests?

Are you coming to our reception?  Do you have a song you'd like to sing during karaoke?  Please e-mail me your request to before 8/28/11 so we can try to get it for you! :) 

You having fun is our main priority at the reception so make your requests and sing your heart out. :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RSVP Please. :)

If you've ever thrown a wedding, party or even a dinner, you know how important it is to be aware of how many people to expect.  Since we are paying our caterer per person, we need to know how many people are planning on coming to the wedding.  This is why we're asking you to please send in your RSVP!  Tomorrow, July 27th, is the RSVP deadline. 

We'd prefer if you send the card in since we did pay for postage already but if you've misplaced it or just do not have the time to drop it in the mail, please e-mail, text or call us ASAP! or 269-312-5989  It would mean a lot to us and it would guarantee that you have food and drinks when you arrive, too, so we can celebrate properly! :) 

Thanks, everyone!  We look forward to seeing so many of you at the wedding. <3

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hotels in Manistee

There seems to have been some confusion on the hotel's part in Manistee at the Days Inn.  When I called in January, they said they don't block rooms, per se.  Rather, guests would be able to say they're in town for a wedding and automatically get 10% off, a discounted price of $103.  However, a bridesmaid attempted to book her room over the weekend and was told there was no block of rooms under the wedding party's name!  Sooo I called Sunday and set it up again.  While they don't block rooms, they do take down the wedding party's name.  Unfortunately, that price of $103 is now unavailable but the woman I spoke with wrote "Schmitt/Olson Wedding" on the calendar for September 3rd and gave us the discount of $114.75. 

If you still need a room, be sure to reference the Schmitt/Olson Wedding for that price at the Days Inn.  If you choose to stay elsewhere, be aware of the distance from the VFW Hall to the hotel you choose.  Manistee is a small town but we want our guests to get home safely. :)

We can't wait to see you and celebrate our marriage with you!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please Vote!

Please vote for my fiance's cousin!  They are trying to win the ultimate wedding contest and support marriage equality.  This amazing couple, Allen & Robbie, will donate money to gay rights organizations if they win!  We've got three hours left and a few thousand votes to go.  Please, take a minute and help make their dream come true! :)

Bow Tie=Engaged..Duct Tape=Illegal. Support NO H8/Marriage Equality, voting ends in 3 hours!! They're so close!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love at First ;)

My future cousin-in-law is getting married! :D  So please, go vote for he and his fiance to win their ultimate dream wedding!

It's just a minute and a few clicks out of your day but it would mean the world to them!

Love at First Wink. ;)